11 Pieces Seat Cover Set From PU Leather

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For Car, Crossovers & Sedans 

Easy Installation
Breathable & Comfortable PU Leather
Simple to Fit & easy To Clean
Protect The Car Seat From Dirt 
Comfortable in Summer and Winter

  • Packing Details:
  • Material: Surface PU +5MM double complex fabric
  • Color: black / Gray
  • Packing Include:
  • 5 x Head Rest Covers Size: 30x 27 cm
  • 2 x front  Seat Back Covers Size:58 x69 cm
  • 2 x  front Seat Bottom Covers Size: 52x56 cm
  • 1 x Back Seat Bench Back Bottom Cover Size: 32x 59 cm
  • 1 x Back  Seat Bench Back Covers Size:132 x 80 cm

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