5 Way Flat Trailer Cable Set Trailer Light Wiring 18AWG 24" Extension Harness Plug & Sockets for Marine Caravans

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The 5 pin caravans plug & socket connector is commonly found on trailers on the ocean with surge brake. The trailer cable set is a standard flat towing truck light adapter, and consists of 5 pin color-coded bonded wires. The item is designed and manufactured to give you a reliable connection when you need.

1. Including two circle wires with a 5 pin flat plug and a 5 pin flat socket, 24inch wires can also be used as a wire extension without splicing new wires to keep an appropriate distance. 

2. For proper wiring connection, the color-coded bonded wires respectively stand for tail lights, brake lights, turn signals and reverse lights sync display while driving.

3. Usually used for universal trailers on the ocean, it is commonly found on marine accessories and equipment with brake, such as small boat, launch, yacht and other marine tools.

4. With high quality and safety, resisting corrosion terminal provides good conductivity and environmental insulating material makes it better waterproof and longer using life.

5. The ground wire runs the entire length of the unit, connecting easily to both the trailer and vehicle.

Item Number: T25566
Material Type: ABS+ Copper
Brand Name: Tirol
Color: Black
Line Color: white, brown, yellow, green and blue
Wire length: 24 inch
Spring line size: 5*18AWG
DC: 6-24V
Certification: CE, ROHS, PAHS

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