Automatic Touch less Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser Large Capacity Liquid Soap Dispenser Hand Sanitize Box for Bathroom

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Product Details & Item specifics

Item Type: Soap Dispenser

Item Name: Automatic induction soap dispenser

Item NO: T26421

Product size: 26.2*12.3*11.4 cm

Packing Size:26.5*12.5*11.8 cm

Weight: 0.9KG

Color: White

Battery:1.5V*4pcs/1.5V*8pcs(Not included)


Capacity:1000ml(Liquid Not included)

Liquid: Milky liquid, the concentration less than or equal to 1000mpa.s

Function: Automatic Induction drip soap dispenser

Product Description:

l  Large capacity: This automatic hand sanitizes dispenser has a large capacity of 1000 ml, Effective sensing distance is 3-10cm,suitable for use of various disinfectant liquids, liquids and hand sanitizes. for daily use and professional use, perfect for home, hotels, hospitals or other public places.

l  Ultra-Strong Infrared Sensor system, fully automatic non-touch operation, not affected by light intensity. Just put your hand under the sensor to start the soap dispenser, you can effectively avoid cross infection without touching the soap dispenser,achieving optimal hand hygiene.

l  Battery Operated,This alcohol hand sanitizes soap dispenser is operated with batteries, 4 or 8 AA batteries can be installed inside.(batteries not included)

l  Security Lock Key for Better Protection, Helping prevent damage caused by  vandalism, improve the service life of soap dispenser. Adjustable Dispensing Portion - You can set it 1 drop(0.8ml)/use or 2 drops(1.6ml)/use.

l  Wall-mounted Style, Wall mounted soap dispenser that works well in keeping the counter surface clutter free, Safe & durable ABS engineering plastics, low carbon, environmental protection.

l  Tips: When using for the first time, first sense 5-8 times at the 3-10cm below the liquid outlet of the machine with the hand. After the air is exhausted, the liquid can be discharged normally. Our machine is suitable for emulsion liquids with a concentration less than or equal to 1000mpa.s

Packing Include:

1* Soap Dispenser

1* Accessory bag(include 1*black key,2* Screws and sockets)

Packaging Details 

Package size: 26.5*12.5*11.8cm

Package Weight: 0.9kg


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