JINGJINGOLD Kids Combo Play Mat 2 in 1 Multi-Function Play Mat Oxford Cartoon Pattern Picnic Pad Family Storage Organizer Car Interior Accessories

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Product Description:

this is 2 in 1 Fold able multi-function combo organizer play mat with High elasticity Straps, Unique 3D three-dimensional pattern design, Suitable for children 2-8 years old, When there is party at home, the kids can play games according to the pictures on the play mat, increase the feelings between the children, also change the game pad into a storage box ,You can put your home items in the storage box and keep the house clean and tidy.

(1)The size of 125*82 cm, this extra large kid rug can provide more adequate playing space for kids. Suitable for children 2-8 years old,It can accommodate 6 or more kids, allowing them to share toys and play together so they can have more fun, Having such a carpet can grow and cultivate the spatial cognition of young children, thus cultivating children's abstract logical thinking ability

(2)Practical storage function to meet daily needs, The sturdy cardboard provides a reliable shape  You can put your child's toys, paper towels, school bags, etc. into this storage box to meet the daily storage needs.

(3)Easy to store and save space, it looks like a pocket, with Reinforced carrying handles that can be easily lifts the product and puts it in any corner of the home, portable organizer in one move and carry it anywhere you go, Is the first choice for home storage

(4)Easy to install and remove, it makes it easy to turn the mat into a storage box, mat folds quickly and easily securely with Velcro comer system use as console organizer

(5)made of strong durable Oxford Polyester with extra stitching , This cargo organizer will last a long time with repeated use. Super Strong dividers - that will not bend due to added weight. and This play mat comes with an extra elastic strap, which you can use on any occasion.


Packing Include:

1* combo organizer play mat

1*high elastic straps


Packaging Details 

Package size: 38*31*3 cm

Package Weight: 1.5 kg

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