JINGJINGOLD Window Clean Windshield Microfiber Fabric Adjustable Triangular Shape Car Cleaning Brush Lengthen Black Handle (Extendable 28-47CM) Car Clean Tool

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Product Description

This is extendable windscreen cleaner and shine, include 1* telescope wiper(black),2* red microfiber pads --on both side used, intended use cleaning up the inside of vehicle, microfiber head cloths enable you to clean your windscreen with plain tap water ,no need for any  chemical cleaners, washable, reusable, extendable, also ideal for cleaning &polishing, long lasting, simply wash clean, and use again and again.


  • 180°swiveled handle for comfortable working, triangular shape cleans also corners
  • extendable of 28-47cm ergonomic handle with pivoting head enables you to reach the whole of your windscreen with ease
  • microfiber cloth enables you to clean your windscreen using just plain tap water
  • dirt and dust from your window cling to the cloth, giving you bright, clean windows every time
  • Also ideal for de-missing your windscreen in winter, no need to wait for your vehicle warm up
  • telescopic counter clockwise to solve, telescopic off and clockwise rotation around this to backing up with foam handle

Packing Include:

1x Telescope Wiper, Black

2x Red Microfiber Pads – on both side used

Packaging Details 

Package Size: 38*17*4CM

Packing Weight:0.27kg

Unit type:1 pc

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