TIROL T21866b Aluminum Universal Car Automatic Operation Gear Shift knob for Automatic transmission

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Product Details & Item specifics

Item Type: Shift Knob

Item Name: Automatic Shift Knob

Place of Origin: Ningbo China (Mainland)

Brand Name: TIROL

Item NO.: T21866

Size: 20.5*8.5*7.5cm

Weight: 0.23kg

Material: Aluminum carbon steel

Color: Black

Car Make:   Automatic Transmission

Features: universal for Automatic transmission

Package includes :(adaptors included)

a), 4 adapters, (length: 3.8cm/ inside diameter: 0.8 /1.0/ 1.2 /1.4cm ,diameter:1.5 cm)

b) ,3 black screws,  Size: 0.5cm /diameter;0.4cm

c), A wrench  Size: 5×1.7cm/ opposite sides:2mm

 Product Description

1, Fit auto shift knobs with or without release button, for automatic transmission, adaptors included,

2, High quality Leather with light weight carbon steel  

3, Defect design, Stylish and cool, unique, personalized and modified boutique.

4, this is Defect design, Stylish and cool shift knob, it can recover the performing as well as you used to and better for Racing, it is time to replace shift knob for your car now

5, Easy installation, if you can't install, please find professional installation.



1.         Remove existing shift knob

2.         Select correct adaptor and install over shifter

3.         Side shift knob on to shaft , make sure release button works

4.         Tighten down with 3 set screws.

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