TIROL Universal PU Car Seat Cover Set Black 11 Pieces Front Rear Seat Covers

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Item Type: Seat Covers

Item Name: 11 Pieces/ Set Seat Cover

Place of Origin: Ningbo China (Mainland)

Brand Name: TIROL

Item NO.: T21623

Size: 50*40*8CM

Weight: 2.23kg

Material: Surface PU + 5MM double complex fabric + inner lined 3MM cotton rope

Color: black

Features: 11 Pieces/ Set PU Seat Cover 2 Fronts Seat & 1 Bench Seat

Product Description

  1.          100% New High Quality Imitation leather Seat Cover  
  2.        Keep Your Car Cool with Full Seat Cover Set
  3.         Universal 11 pieces low-back seat cover set including 5 headrest covers
  4.          Come with air bag Friendly
  5.        Simple to fit, easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge.
  6.         The back of the seat is completely covered.
  7.        Buy now and protect the original, or make the older seats look like new again.
  8.         Enhance the interior of your vehicle whilst protecting your seats  from wear&tear, kids, spills, pet and much more.

Packing Include:

5 x Head Rest Covers       Size: 30x 27 cm

2 x front  Seat Back Covers        Size: 58 x69cm

2 x  front Seat Bottom Covers    Size: 52x56 cm

1 x Back Seat Bench Back Bottom Cover  Size: 132x 59cm

1 x  Back  Seat Bench Back Covers     Size: 132 x 80 cm

 Hook Accessories: 50 pieces 

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